How to redeem Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon is a fast digitally growing company in the world in terms of business. That is why it has become a favourite place for people to look for big business deals. Moreover, whenever your salary is released in your account, in this situation you don’t want to go away from home to buy things.

Now, what is the option for you to buy things of your daily use or things which you use in your life? There is only one option for this problem to shop online. Shopping online is best when you get real products delivered to your home.

Amazon is the best online option for you in this situation. Because Amazon is the world’s top online selling company. Its Gift Card service is amazing if you have a plan to give present to someone be it the occasion of their birthday or wedding.

Besides, if there is a festival coming in the coming days you can also give your loved ones Amazon Gift Card. It helps you bring your loved ones more closely to you. Moreover, because of its wide variety of gift Cards such as instant Email Gift Cards, Physical Gift Cards and Anytime Zero Value Gift Cards. Due to these reasons, it has become the number one choice for people to give a gift to their friends or relatives on their special days or at any time.

So the question here is how to redeem your Amazon Gift Card. We have an answer for you below:

There are two best ways to redeem your Amazon gift card

  1. First of all, you have to log in to your Amazon account.
  2. At the top of the Amazon home page, you have to select Amazon Pay and now click on the option of Add Gift Card. You have done almost half of the work.
  3. Next, you have to enter the gift card code at the add gift Card or voucher code to Amazon Pay Balance.
  4. Last click on Add to your balance option on your Amazon account home page. Now the amount of money is added to your account and can be used at the time of check out.

Although, this method is used by some people Moreover, it is too much lengthy and consumes more time than expected to get Amazon Gift Card.

Secondly, you can redeem the Amazon Gift card by directly adding Gift Code. Below are the steps for this way of redeeming your Amazon Gift Card.

In this method you can directly redeem your Amazon gift Card by directly using the URL: Here is the process;

  1. In your browser enter URL using your internet-connected device.
  2. Now login to your account and if you have not any account on Amazon. Click on the option of creating the Amazon account first.
  3. You can select anything on your Amazon account or website that you want to purchase.
  4. After selecting the item which you want to buy. Click on the option of Buy Now.
  5. Select your Address and proceed towards the payment page.
  6. Now at the payment page select to enter a Gift Card, Voucher or promotional code.
  7. Enter your code and you have now finished the process of redeeming Amazon Gift Card.

Now your gift card amount will be added and shown into your Amazon account. You can start your shopping by using your Amazon Gift cards.

This method of redeeming your Amazon gift vouchers is easy and you reach your redeeming page directly. Once you sign in to your account. Moreover, this method of redeeming saves time and makes your account ready for shopping without seconds.

Amazon gift carding is the best service which is provided by Amazon across the globe it is almost present in every part of the world.

Amazon gift carding has now become a household name in India also for online shopping. Since more people are moving towards online mode rather than offline here. That is why more people prefer online shopping due to hassle-free service of online shopping stores like Amazon.

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